Whether you are relocating or setting up a new office, office renovation is the most daunting task. From choosing the right office renovation contractor in Singapore to selecting the modern yet comfortable office furniture, there is a lot that needs to be done.

And do you know that your office layout and design have a direct impact on your employees?

Yes, that’s true!! A well-lit office can increase your employees’ attentiveness and similarly comfortable office furniture can reduce common backache problems among employees.

So, if you want optimum productivity from your employees, you need to carefully plan your office renovation Singapore. Here are a few tips to help plan a successful office renovation in Singapore. Have a look and plan your office renovation accordingly.

Create a List Of Your Requirements

An office renovation in Singapore is a big project and the scope of work is huge. From changing office furniture to completely revamping your office, there is a lot of things that come under the term office renovation.

So, first, you need to figure out what exactly do you need from office renovation. Do you want to increase the productivity of your employees by bringing down those high cubicle walls, or do you want to impress your clients by giving a modern touch to your office?

Or you simply want to make more space to fit in more employees. Creating a list of your requirements would help you in budgeting and finding the right office renovation contractor in Singapore.

Allocate A Realistic Budget

Next, you need to allocate a realistic budget for your office renovation. By realistic we mean, first, analyze the scope of your renovation and then allocate a budget. Too little budget for a big renovation project will mean that low-quality materials and products will be used. Similarly, a too big budget for a small project will damage your account.

Moreover, different cities have different renovation costs. If your friend’s office renovation cost was 80$ psf in another city it does not mean your renovation cost would also be the same. If you are in Singapore, the average renovation cost in Singapore is 100$ psf. So, allocate your budget wisely.

Lastly, if your allocated budget is 100$ psf, choose a contractor that offers a little less than your budget so has a small budget left for unexpected expenditures.

Choose The Right Office Renovation Contractor In Singapore

Hiring the right office renovation contractor in Singapore is one of the most critical decisions you will have to make during an office renovation. You don’t want to ruin your office by hiring a contractor that is not well experienced or qualified enough to handle your project.

The best option is to go for a contractor with who you or your acquaintance have already worked with and the experience has been satisfactory. However, if you don’t have prior experience with a contractor, start your search from Google and look for office renovation contractors in Singapore with good ratings and reviews.

Furniture, Lights, And Décor

Today office renovations have changed a lot. Office renovation is not just painting walls and changing furniture. Nowadays, office renovation focuses on increasing productivity and incorporating innovative methods. So, hire an office interior designer who:

  • Uses innovative styles to increase productivity.
  • Incorporates natural light in your office design.
  • Design an eco-friendly infrastructure.
  • Uses office furniture that improves the body posture of workers.
  • Uses innovative lightings to save energy and improves the attentiveness of workers.

Communicate With Concerned People

Good communication is the key to successful office renovation projects. If you fail to communicate with your office renovation contractor in Singapore, he will not understand your requirements and resultantly, your office renovation will not be as you expected it to be.

So, always have a good communicating relationship with your contractor. Communicate what are your expectations with the project and similarly, listen to what the contractor has to say about the project. Ask them if your requirements are realistic and can be achieved or not.

Plan Your Renovation

Office renovations are not a one-day job neither will be completed over a weekend. No matter what you do, your day-to-day office routine will be affected. And the bigger your office renovation project is, the longer it will take to complete. So you need to carefully plan your office renovation. Here are a few points to ponder upon:

  • How you will achieve your day-to-day office tasks?
  • Do you need an alternate office space?
  • Or can you allocate a portion of your current office to resume work?
  • Are your employees agreed with office renovation?
  • Inform your clients about office renovation.
  • Communicate your new office numbers and address with clients and customers.

We hope our ultimate guide will help you in planning a successful office renovation project. If you are looking for an experienced and qualified office renovation contractor in Singapore, feel free to contact Us. OSYS Concepts Pte Ltd is a brand founded by qualified and experienced professionals to provide you the best products and office design that is in line with modern office needs.

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