Commercial interior design might be a new term to you but it certainly is not to everyone. Commercial interior designing is gaining popularity in Singapore and business owners are opting for office design company In Singapore to design the interior of the commercial places and attract people to their businesses.

So, if you are one of those people who don’t know much about commercial interior design, here is everything you need to know about commercial interior design before hiring one in Singapore.

What Is Commercial Interior Design

The responsibilities of a commercial interior designer are a bit different from a regular or residential interior designer. Apart from beautifying an interior, they are responsible to make the commercial space functional. They listen to the needs and requirements of the business owner and design a space that suits perfectly with the brand and is easy to work in at the same time.

Commercial interior design Singapore is all about designing an aesthetically pleasing space that fulfills the business needs and is easy to move around. You might have visited a grocery store that felt cramped up or a restaurant which interior doesn’t suit the type of food they serve. Well, these are the example of poor commercial interior design and if you want to avoid it, you need to start looking for an office design company in Singapore.

Why Commercial Interior Design Is Important?

Are you still wondering whether hiring a commercial interior design would be beneficial for you or not?

Here are a few benefits of hiring commercial interior design that will certainly help you make your mind.

1. It Will Help You Attract More Customers

Have you ever visited a restaurant or store just because it looked good?

Well, it is the fruit of hiring a good commercial interior designer that you were attracted to visit that restaurant or store. Commercial interior designers are experts in attracting customers. They know which design will suit your brand and how customers will be attracted to your business.

2. It will help to optimize your space

Does your current office or place feel cramped up? And buying a new space is not a feasible solution?

It’s time to look for an office design company Singapore. Commercial interior designers are experts in utilizing space and optimizing your current place to accommodate as many products or employees as possible and without making your space look over-stuffed.

3. It will help you create an eco-friendly place

Global warming is the problem that everyone is dreading about. And governments all over the world are urging citizens to switch towards energy-efficient products and be a part of curbing global warming effects. So, if you want to be a responsible citizen, hire a commercial interior designer Singapore. A reputed and qualified commercial interior designer knows how to utilize natural light and make your commercial place as energy-efficient as possible.

4. It will take care of ergonomics

Ergonomics is the most important aspect of commercial interior design. It makes sure that your place is not only beautiful but is actually user-friendly. From choosing the right type of light to increase attentiveness to setting computer monitors on a height that is comfortable for users, ergonomics takes care of everything that will make your space as user-friendly as possible.

Type Of Commercial Interior Design in Singapore

Commercial interior design is a broad term and there are a lot of project types that come under it. So, if you are wondering whether your interior design project should be categorized as commercial interior design or not, here is a list of a few common commercial interior design projects.

  • Office interior design
  • F & B interior design
  • Retail store interior design
  • Educational institute interior design
  • Reinstatement of a commercial unit

4 Fundamentals Of Commercial Interior Design

Just like any other field, commercial interior design also has some fundamentals and all commercial interior designers use these fundamentals while designing a commercial place.

  • Sustainability – today, using green building and design techniques and methods have become a standard rather than a choice. So, commercial interior designers must use sustainable solutions to design a commercial place.
  • Psychographics – psychographics means to understand the needs and interests, and values of users or visitors of a commercial place. Hence, commercial interior designers are required to design a place keeping in mind the psychographics of the place.
  • Wellness – people spend most of their time at their offices. So, commercial interior designers are required to design a place that cares about the well-being of its users.
  • Community – Social activity is the basic requirement of humans. So, designing a commercial space that allows occupants to freely interact with each other is critical.

We hope our blog has helped you understand the broad term of commercial interior design and now you are looking for an Office Design Company in Singapore. OSYS Concepts Pte Ltd is a brand founded by qualified and experienced professionals to provide you the best products and commercial interior design that is in line with modern needs and fulfills the standard set by the experts.

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