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ESD DT 009

ESD DT 009

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Product Description

Antistatic Parameter:

1)Resistance of the Table Top: 1.0×10(6)—1.0×10(9)Ω
2)Resistance of Table: 1.0×10(6)—1.0×10(9)Ω
3)Resistance of the Metal Parts: 1.0×10(5)-1×10(9)Ω
4)Resistance to Ground:1.0×10(5)-1×10(9)Ω

Available Dimension: Length: 1000, 1530, 1830, 2250mm, Width: 600, 750, 900mm (Prices Changes)
ESD Cabinet Workbench 1500*750mm

Parts / Specification and Function: (Normal) – This is for 1 workstation ONLY

  • 1 x Fixed Standard Table Support / L*W*H:1500×750×760mm, Weight loading:500kg
  • 1 x ESD Double Sided Table Top / Anti-static Gray coating, L*W*T:1530×750×25mm
  • 1 x ESD Perforated Tubular Frame / Anti-static Gray coating, For organising functional accessories, 2M750×1600mm
  • 1 x ESD Back Panel / For placing drawings or screen for sight, M750×390mm, Gray Anti-static coating.
  • 1 x ESD Adjustable shelf / M750*650mm
  • 1 x ESD Steel Shelf / M750×300mm + shelf bracket
  • 2 x Suspension Rail for Picking Bins / M750mm
  • 1 x Floor type CPU stand / Adjustable Height: 130-215×400×120mm
  • 1 x Right Angled Light Stand / M900×380mm+slide hook
  • 1 x LED Light / 2×30W,1040×140×60mm
  • 1 x Tooling Turntable / 400mm
  • 1 x Balancer / 1.5-3.0 kg

Slant ENERGY RAIL M750 (all in One)

  • 2 x Steel Energy Box / Steel Box of Sockets, Switch and etc.
  • 2 x Insulated Membrane
  • 1 x Leakage Protector
  • 1 x Red Power Light
  • 8 x Sockets
  • 1 x Electrical Wire & Accessories
  • 1 x Plug + Electrical Wire
  • 1 x ESD Movable Cabinet MV3 / 375×585×735mm

Product Policy

*Delivery lead time 4-5 weeks upon payment
*For different dimension or setting, you may scroll down and view other related products. Otherwise, please free to contact us for more queries.
*Configuration of the image is only for illustration purposes, customer have the rights to configure it anyway they want as long as it doesn’t require more materials than what is stated.
*Upon payment, our sales person will contact you to arrange for delivery and installation.

Product Warranty

***Lifetime Warranty, click here to read our warranty policy!


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