ESD DT 020

ESD DT 020

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This workstation consists of:

1 x Standard Adjustable Table Support:
– 1500×750mm, bearing:500kg, adjustable range:670-1120mm
1 x ESD Double Side Table Top: 1530×750×25mm
1 x ESD Upright Accessory Frame: 2M750×1600mm
2 x Perforated Back Panel: M750×390mm Gray,hole site:9*9mm
2 x ESD Steel Shelf: M750×300mm + bracket,bearing:50kg
2 x ESD Adjustable Steel Shelf: M750x650
1 x Light Frame: 2M750×380mm + Hook and slider
1 x LED Light: 1200mm
2 x Suspension Rail: M750mm, bearing:30kg
1 x Ba lancer: 1.5-3.0 kg
1 x ESD Moveable Cabinet MV1: 510×400×620mm
1 x Energy Rail; 2M750

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